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Mini Moles Diaries

Mini Moles Diaries

Mini Moles Diaries - Episode 8 - The Rainbow Flick

Mini Moles Diaries - Episode 7 - The Inside-Out and The Cruyff Turn

Mini Moles Diaries - Episode 6 - Double Step Over & the CYA Later move

Mini Moles Diaries - Episode 5 - The Elastico

Mini Moles Diaries - Episode 4 - The Faint & The Step Over

Mini Moles Diaries - Episode 3 - Ball Mastery part 3

Mini Moles Diaries - Episode 2 - Ball Mastery part 2

Mini Moles Diaries - Episode 1 - Ball Mastery part1

Training Drills...

Here is a nice passing drill..

Here is an article by Daniel Sturridge on how to kick a ball..

Wilderness development

As you'll be aware, this winter has been very wet in Surrey and The Wilderness has not escaped the bad weather, making the pitches at time unplayable. This has meant quite a few cancellations and closures resulting in kids not being able to enjoy playing matches or training. We'd like to see if we can improve that by beginning an ongoing maintenance program which will hopefully bring this to an end, or at least reduce the times we have to keep the gates closed. But we need to raise some additional funds to achieve this.

Elmbridge Community Lottery ( is a lottery run by Elmbridge Council which is drawn weekly with prizes up to 25,000! The beauty of this scheme is that MJFC will get 50% of all money raised via our own community portal ( which we can then spend on getting your club up to the standards which you and your children deserve. The cost is 1/week for each ticket and you can buy as many as tickets as you like. If we manage get 100 tickets then we can earn over 2500/year. 200 tickets and we'll earn over 5000/year. That would be a great boost to our income and would help us to keep subs costs low and would allow us to raise much needed funds to make your club better. If you could promote this to your friends and family, then we can make the reach of this even wider and you never know, they might thank you if they win one of the 25,000 prizes!

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